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Morsap Private Limited is the leading Trader of Air-conditioning and Refrigeration apparatus, Refrigerants, Copper based products in India and their quality and our commitment to quality ensure the high standard finish goods and guaranteed performance of Air-conditioning and Refrigeration.

Morsap Air-conditioning and Refrigeration apparatus, Copper tubes, Refrigerants are used for windows air conditioner, split air- conditioner, cassette air-conditioner, refrigeration, packaged air-conditioners, VRFs, VRVs, chillers, water cooler, deep freezers, ice cube machine, ice candy machine, water dispenser, sweet counters, fridge and water chilling plant.

We trade Air-conditioning and Refrigeration apparatus, Copper tubes, Refrigerants of the highest standard, due to integrated selection facilities.

We have all the necessary equipment to quality test the materials, in-dispatching Copper tubes, Refrigerants, Air-conditioning and Refrigeration apparatus and ensure that they confirm to the applicable standard.

Service Attitude

Understand that "Service" and a "Service attitude" to customers and fellow associates form the basis of our business.

Honesty and Integrity

Understand that we will always conduct our business with unyielding Integrity.

Trust and Respect

Understand that mutual Trust and Respect is the essence of our Human Values.

Accountability and Commitment

Understand Accountability and Commitment; Setting and meeting aggressive targets.


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